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Dongguan Haibo Chuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of truss manipulators. It is widely used in the fields of loading and unloading, power assisting, palletizing and stamping. Over 10 years of experience in industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, a variety of design cases. It has served hundreds of customers in China, including many large state-owned enterprises and manufacturers. Haibo Chuang Technology is mainly used in the fields of machinery manufacturing, parts processing, electronic appliances, etc. It can be used in CNC lathes, internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, CNC machining centers, horizontal injection molding machines, etc., which need to replace artificial machinery. More importantly, There are considerable experience and mature cases in the design of automatic production lines, industrial robots, special machine tools and non-standard equipment. We offer a complete range of intelligent manufacturing systems, and the overall solution gives you peace of mind.




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